Areas of Study, which are available for applicants to enroll for 2019 year

Areas of Study




Mode of Study


Audio-visual technologies


  • Acoustics of  entertainment establishments and studios, and electroacoustic systems;
  • Sound technologies of film and TV
  • Film and TV technical devices and technology

Bachelor’s degree



Distance Learning


Electronics and Nano-electronics

Film and TV technologies Bachelor’s degree Full-time

Folk Art Culture

Leading of film, photo and video creative studio

Bachelor’s degree


Distance learning


Design Design in media industry Bachelor’s degree Full-time
Restoration Restoration of films and photographs Bachelor’s degree Full-time
Graphics Animation and computer graphics artist Specialist Full-time (6 years)
Film and TV directing

Director of Animation and Computer Graphics

 Director of Multimedia

Specialist Full-time
MA Courses
Radio Engineering Program: Audio-, Video Systems Master’s degree Full-time
Folk Art Culture Program: Artistic Photography Master’s degree Full-time