54.03.01 Design

Specialization: Design in the media industry

Qualification: Bachelor's Degree


The opening of this area associated to the demand for professionals who able to create a highly professional design projects for the socio-cultural sphere (cinema, television, sphere of leisure and entertainment), informational and educational content based on the use of multimedia technologies and aimed to creating an art, informational and material products.

This area of training opened at the Faculty of Photography, Design and Journalism at the Department of Computer Graphics and Design, which already has a practical and methodical experience in the design for the area "Graphics".

During training, students get a wide range of knowledge and practical skills, including:

- classical art education, throughout the period of study;

- the knowledge and skills that will ensure success and achieve a high professional level in the areas of implementation of design solutions in the media industry as design for theater and film studios, interior design, costume design, architectural style design, advertising design, computer technology in design, technology, 3D-modeling, motion capture and animation modeling, multimedia technology in design, Web-communication design, animation and computer graphics;

- methods and tools for the design of projects, artistic images of cultural, telecommunications activities (forums, conferences, festivals, exhibitions), interior and landscape compositions (expositions, multimedia entertainment centers, cinema complexes, conference centers, museum installations) ;

- involving into creative competitions, festivals (Festival "Animagraf", Animation Forum "Beauty, City of Peter!", Intercollegiate creative competition to the St. Tatiana's Day, the festival of "Valentine's Day", the workshop of the St. Petersburg Union of non-professional cinematographers, etc), gaining popularity among professionals and getting an opportunity to find a prestigious job immediately after graduation;

- participating in scientific and creative activities of the University, making reports on the conferences of university, national, international level, solving applied problems in the framework of research projects with practical training.

The Department of Computer Graphics and Design has a great scientific and creative work. The Motion Capture workshops  for teachers and students on the conference «Illumenation» in Helsinki was conducted by the request of The Department of Animated Creativity of the Institute of Art and Design in Helsinki (Finland). A number of students held teaching internship at the Institute Jongbu (South Korea). The creative works of students are presenting at the joint seminars at Arts Video Game High School and Interactive Media ENJMIN (France).

Educational work is continuously combined with the creative work – there is student youth folk ensemble "Zarya-zaryanitsa" performes at many festivals for many years, creative competition at Interuniversity creative contest on St. Tatiana's Day, at Pokrovsky Forum of Interuniversity community "Pokrov."









State Film Fund of Russia, Research Institute of Television Ltd. "Krisberg", Film Radio Company “Petersburg”, Film Studio "Lenfilm", State Institution "Film Studio of the Defense Ministry," Theatre for Young People, the Centre '12th Gallery, St. Petersburg Documentary Studio , Ltd. "FOTOLUX ", Studio of Animated Film "Melnitsa", Stavropol Regional College of Design, Russian State Academic Theater named of Alexander Pushkin (Alexandrinsky), Ltd. “Technology of Projecting".

Graduates work in leading creative companies: Creative Workshop of author work "Ivery" - as the chief graphic designer; The Federal Network web-studios "IT-Palitra" - in the position of web-designer; Theatre of Musical Comedy - in the position of animator, stage designer.


Curriculum Disciplines for 54.03.01 Design

Humanitarian, social and economic cycle:

Base Unit: History; Philosophy; Foreign language; Russian Language and Speech Standards.

The variable part: Folklore and Folk's culture; The History of the World Photographic Art; Architectural Styles; Interior and Ethnic Culture.

Elective courses: The History of Religion; Psychology of Color; Cultural Studies, Sociology; Psychology; Pedagogy.


Professional cycle:

Base Unit:  History of Art; Academic Drawing; Academic Painting; Academic Sculpture and Plastic Modeling; Technical Drawing.

The variable part: Stereo Graphic Design Projects in Media Industry; Color Solutions in Design Projects; Descriptive Geometry and Graphics; Composition.

Electives: Landscape Design; Painting Technics; Costume Development; Archival work; Photocomposition.


Professional Cycle:

Base Unit: Propaedeutic; Introduction to Production Skills; Designing.

The variable part: The Technological Environment of the Media Industry; Multimedia Technology in Design; 3-D Modeling and Animation; Computer Graphics Design; Photo Mastery and Principles of Design of Film Image; Editing of Audio-Visual Programs in Media Industry; Costume Design; Motion Capture and Animation Modeling; Architectural Design; Tools and Technology of Prototyping in Media Industry.

Elective courses: Web-Design Graphics, Internet Communication and Network Graphics; Basic of Compositions in Design, Animation in Design Projects.