54.03.01 Design

Specialization: Design in the media industry

Qualification: Bachelor's Degree

The opening of this area associated to the demand for professionals who able to create a highly professional design projects for the socio-cultural sphere (cinema, television, sphere of leisure and entertainment), informational and educational content based on the use of multimedia technologies and aimed to creating an art, informational and material products.

Education in this area is conducted at the Department of Computer Graphics and Design, which already has practical and methodical experience in the field of design in the implementation of the main educational artistic and creative program in the specialty "Graphics".

In the process of learning, a student masters a wide range of knowledge and practical skills, including:


- disciplines providing classical art education throughout the entire period of study;
- masters the technology of computer graphics, modeling, animation and visualization used in the design: 3D-modeling technology, motion capture motion and animation modeling, multimedia technology;

- obtains knowledge and skills to achieve creative success and achieve a high professional level in such areas of design activities such as art of theater, film and television, the design of museum expositions and exhibition installations, interior and costume design, architectural style, advertising and Web design;

- masters the methods and means of designing design projects implemented in organizing mass cultural, educational and telecommunication events (forums, conferences, festivals, exhibitions), interior and landscape compositions (exhibition expositions, multimedia entertainment centers, cinema and concert complexes, conference centers, museum installations);

- participates in creative contests, festivals (festivals "Animagraf" and "Animator", animation forum "Paint, Petrov!" .), gaining prominence among professionals, getting the opportunity immediately after graduation from the Institute to find a prestigious job; - participates in scientific and creative events, making presentations at conferences of the University, all-Russian, international level, solves applied problems in the framework of research works, during practical training.


At the department of computer graphics and design is a great scientific and creative work. Master classes of teachers and students of the department were held at the conference “Illumenation” in Helsinki, developed at the department of technology of animation creativity using the motion capture environment Motion Capture at the request of the Institute of Art and Design in Helsinki (Finland). A number of students undergo training internships at the Joong Bu Institute (South Korea). Creative works of students are presented at joint seminars with the Higher School of Video Games and Interactive Media ENJMIN (France).

Educational work is continuously combined with creative work - for many years student youth folk ensemble “Zarya-Zaryazhnitsa” has been functioning, performing at many festivals, Interuniversity creative competition for St. Tatiana Day, at the Pokrovsky Forum of the Inter-University Community “Pokrov”.

Graduates work in leading creative companies: Creative Workshop copyright works "Avery" - in the position of chief graphic designer; The federal network of web-studios “IT-Palitra” - in the position of web-designer; Theater Musical Comedy - in the position of artist-animator, designer of scenery; LLC Peterburgskaya kinoartel - in the position of creative director.


Film Studio "Lenfilm", Gosfilmofond of Russia, St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra, St. Petersburg Children's Art School No. 13, St. Petersburg Children's Art School No. 2, School of Arts named after I.Pautov, NCC “Create a Model”, “The Society of Watercolorists”, the Foundation for the Support and Development of Russian-German Relations “Russian-German Center of Meetings”, LLC Petersburg Film Artel, LLC Baltic TV, St. Petersburg Studio of Documentary Films, University of Basilicata, Center ny park of culture and rest. S.M. Kirov "," State Russian Museum ", Orthodox Center of the Resurrection Novodevichy Monastery, St. Petersburg regional public organization" Federation of Design and Fashion ", CJSC" Krismas + ", LLC" Medilyuks-TM ", Youth House of Primorsky District SPB" .

Curriculum Disciplines for 54.03.01 Design

Basic part: History; Philosophy; Basic professional foreign language; Foreign language in the professional field; Russian language and culture of speech; Art History; Academic drawing; Academic painting; Academic sculpture and plastic modeling; Technical drawing; Propaedeutics; The basics of manufacturing skills; Design; Project management.

Variative part: Folklore and folk game culture; Architectural styles; Stereo graphics in media industry design projects; Labor and copyright; Descriptive geometry and graphics; Composition; Technological environment of the media industry; Multimedia technology in design; 3D modeling in design; Computer graphics in design; Basics of the state cultural policy of the Russian Federation; Photo workshops and basics of cinema and photo images design; Installation of audio-visual programs of the media industry; Costume design; Motion Capture Motion Capture and Animation; Architectural design; Means and technologies of prototyping in the media industry; Organizational behavior.

Electives: History of world photography, Psychology of color; Psychology, Pedagogy; Landscape Design; Painting Techniques; Costume development, archiving in the media industry; Coloring pictorial decisions in design projects, Documentation; Web graphics design, Internet communications and network graphics; Basics of composition in design, Animation in design projects.