Folk Art Culture

51.03.02 Folk Art Culture


Leading of film, photo and video creative studio


Bachelor’s Degree

Leading of Film, Photo and Video Creative Studio Specialization

Nowadays we live in the time of rapid development of telecommunications, digital interactive television, the Internet, digital registration technologies and image visualization. And we consider their value and effectiveness in the following areas like Mass Media, commercial structures, authorities at all levels, public and political associations. Therefore professionals capable to operate modern photographic and video equipment are in demand.

Digital photo and video equipment becomes more and more available to average consumers,  so they appreciate specialists highly who have profound theoretical knowledge as well as wide experience and creativity of Photography and Technology of Imagining Registration Systems and Materials.

These specialists could be teaching personnel in training studios at public and commercial organizations, children's and youth creativity centers, etc.

Students of this specialization gain a variety of theoretical knowledge in their field from the very beginning.  Knowledge in theory are combined  with creative and technical training on work with modern photo and video equipment. Professors, Associate Professors and Teachers of the University as well as leading experts in the Film, Television and Photo Industry area guide students during their classes. Training of this kind allows graduates to choose either to work in organizations and enterprises of this Industry or to do private creative projects.

Students have access to photo studio with modern filming and illuminating equipment, laboratory installation, rooms for film screening. Interactive forms of educational process are coupled with practical classes at the enterprises and studios.

During the first year of study students are involved into creative life of the University, film shooting, festivals, competitions and exhibitions.

According to the International Agreement with the Institute of Arts, Tartu (Estonia) there are exchange student programmes and joint workshops in Russia and Estonia.

Specialization Disciplines include:

Photography Excellence ● History of World Photography ● Film and Photo Processes and Materials ● Technological Basis of Present-day Filmmaking ● Digital Image Processing ● Art Exhibitions and Festivals Organization ● Organization and Management of Film and Photo Enterprises ● Processing Technology of Photosensitive Materials ● Fine Art Photography.


The Photolux Company ● the Absolut Digital Center ● the Leningrad Film Factory ● the Gosfilmofond of Russia

Curriculum Disciplines for 51.03.02 Folk Art Culture

Basic Subjects: Folk Art Organization and Management; Folk Art Pedagogy.

Specialization Disciplines: History of Amateur Cinema, Photo and Video Art; Methods of  Film Studio, Photo and Video Art Management, History and Theory of Audiovisual Arts; Audiovisual Work Directing; Screenwriting Mastery; Filming Skills; Film and Video Films Audio Solution; Audio-Visual Technology; Photo  Mastery; Production Equipment and Technologies; Film, Video and photo Process Arrangement; Basis of Acting; Anchorperson Skills; Video Equipment; Film, Video Editing; Disciplines Teaching Methods.

Optional Subjects: Illuminating Equipment and Practical Exposure Metering; Film and Photo Lighting; Photographic Equipment; Film and  Photo Process Qualimetry; History of Cameraman Skills; Documentary and Animated Film; Documentary Cinematography.

Electives: Photojournalism; Technological Process Organization in Regional TV Studios; Color and Screen Works Color Solutions; Colorimetric and Color Timing in Present-day Film Production; Modern Mini Photo Laboratories Equipment; Photographic Images Digital Restoration and Reproduction.