54.05.03  Graphics 


Animation and Computer Graphics Artist


Animation and Computer Graphics Artist

Computer Graphics and Animation is a fascinating area of the artistic and technical creativity. You are welcome to get contemporary High Art Education which allows you to start your career in a vast and diverse Media Industry area. Our graduates obtain wide knowledge of academic education and specialize in a preferred creative area from Production Designer up to Web-designer and Computer Game Animator, from Feature Animated Film up to Applied Advertising Graphics, from Classical Stop-Motion Animation up to High Technology Motion Capture Equipment.

Computer Graphics and Animation surround us daily. Manufactures communicate with consumers constantly from advert banners and TV screens, the Internet users see the interactive graphic interface and Web-page design, viewers of feature animated movie or computer gamers are drawn into virtual depicted world.

It is hard to imaging modern fiction film without computer special effects and processing. Animated Graphics as well as written language has become an integral part of people’s lives in modern information society.

Professional Art Education on the Graphics specialization provides the academic training of multifunctional specialists in Animation and Computer Graphics areas. Animator Artist, unlike classical Artist, deals with new instrument, i.e. motion, which gives a unique chance to be in contact with viewers or consumers. When Animator Artist masters this instrument, then he acquires skills to adapt fast to altering programming tools.

Students begin to work at their yearly project of the first animated film coupled with their sketch work at the same time from the first semester. And they have to perform various functions of a Director, Design Artists, Animator Artist, In-betweener, Background Artist, Sound Director and Video Engineer. During their educational process students gain all artistic and technical skills required in specific areas in animated film production, so later being graduates, they could specialize in a certain creative area they prefer.

Graduates obtain professional competence and work in:

-         Artistic direction of animated film;

-        Classical technologies of Animation: storyboarding, layout, Stop Motion (puppet, claymation)

-         Basis of space design and programmed control of characters;

-         Innovative animated technologies: Motion Capture, Stereo animation;

-         Design Artist, Animator Artist, Background Artist in the animation and video studios;

-         Animator Artist, Background Artist, Concept Designer in the video game studios;

-         Concept design and Web-page design.

Strategic partners: Lenfilm Film Studio, Gosfilmofond of Russia, St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra, St. Petersburg Children's Art School No. 13, St. Petersburg  Children's Art School No. 2, Children's Art School named after I.P. Sautova , NCC“ Create a Model ", Society of Watercolourists , Foundation for Support and Development of Russian-German Relations“ Russian-German Center of Meetings ”, LLC“ Petersburg Cinema Artel ”, LLC“ Baltic Television ”, Federal State Unitary Enterprise St. Petersburg Studio Documentary Films ", University of Basilicata, St. Petersburg Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Kirov, State Budgetary Educational Establishment“ State Russian Museum ”, Orthodox Center of the Resurrection Novodevichy Monastery, St. Petersburg Regional Public Organization“ Federation of Design and Fashion ”, CJSC“ Krismas + ”, LLC“ Medilyuks-TM ”, St. Petersburg House of Youth of the Primorsky District of St. Petersburg.

Curriculum Disciplines for 54.05.03  Graphics 

Basic part: History; Philosophy; Jurisprudence; Economy; Psychology and pedagogy; Russian language and culture of speech; Basic professional foreign language; Foreign language in the professional field; The history of national art and culture; History of foreign art and culture; Literary history; Academic drawing; Drawing in computer technology; Academic painting; Painting an animated film; The general course of the composition; Graphic technology; Perspective; Plastic anatomy; Methods of teaching fine arts disciplines; Fundamentals of the psychology of the creative process.

Disciplines of specialization: Technique of printed graphics (etching, engraving, lithography, silk-screen printing); 2D animation graphics; Mastery of art director; Basics of modeling; Multimedia technologies in the media industry; Sound solution animation film; The basics of animation; Game software-oriented graphics; Color science and formation; Virtual modeling and computer-aided design; Fundamentals of scientific research in film and television; Phase motion graphics; Labor and Copyright.

Variative part: Ethnoculture; Epochs and styles of material culture; Organizational behavior; Folk gaming culture; Basics of WEB communications; Descriptive geometry; Project management; Architectural style design; Basics of the state cultural policy of the Russian Federation; General course of font.
Electives: Aesthetics of an animated film, Religious studies; Film archives archives, Archiving in the media industry; Graphic geometry and graphics; Project documentation; Computer science and information technology graphics, Systems Engineering; Advertising design, Document science; Context-modular graphics solutions in animation, Literary criticism.