54.03.04 Restoration

Profile: Restoration of Film and Photographs

Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree

New, unique for Russian education, area of training - "Restoration" was opened in our University.

Despite the fact that many universities are preparing the restorers in Russia, the restoration of film and documentary photographs, which are the form the basis of the historical heritage of the country,  is a unique area of ​​our University.

Documentaries in cinema and photo are a visual reflection of history. Worldwide enormous efforts expended to create conditions for storage, studying, renewal and restoration of this kind of the historical evidence. The active work is carried out in our country in this direction. The problem of preserving Russia's cultural heritage is increasingly raised in the program documents of the executive and legislative authority, statements and appeals of social, political and religious organizations, underling  the educational projects.

Photo and Folk Art Culture Department has a vast experience of work on the analysis, digitization, film and photo restoration, reconstruction historical techniques of photography.

A Section of Photos became a separate structure of the Union of Restorers by the resolution of the Ministry of Culture, in the framework of international and national projects on cultural heritage. Due to this an actual area of training specialists "Restoration. Profile: Restoration of Film and Photographs opened in 2014 at our University.

The major foundations, libraries, exhibition centers, research groups, public and private collections are waiting for our specialists.

The profession of film and photo restorer provides unlimited abilities for creativity and self-fulfillment,  exploring the historical basis of the past to create the modern history.



Curriculum Disciplines for  54.03.04 Restoration

Basic part: History; Philosophy; Basic professional foreign language; Foreign language in the professional field; Economics and organization of production; Cultural studies; Economic theory; Jurisprudence; Russian language and culture of speech; Maths; Computer science; Theoretical mechanics; Strength of materials; Physics; Chemistry; Ecology; Restoration materials; Legal basis for restoration; Reconstruction, recreation and protection of cultural monuments; The basics of museification; Archiving in the media industry; History of religions; Art history; History of christian art; Basics of photocomposition; Project management.

Variative part: World art culture; The history of world photography; Digital processing of film and photographic images; Physico-chemical methods for the restoration of photographic images; Light engineering and practical exposure metering; Qualimetry film, photo process; Organizational behavior; Museum and exhibition work; Photo shop; Shooting skills; Cinema technology; Digital restoration and reproduction of film and photo documents; Restoration of the image on magnetic media; Restoration of emulsion layers and the basis of photographic materials; Basics of storing and restoring phonograms on analog and digital media; Basics of the restoration of photographic images; Technology of restoration of photographic images; Fundamentals of the state cultural policy of the Russian Federation.

Electives: History of domestic and foreign cinema, History of photography; Psychology, Pedagogy; Concepts of modern science, fundamentals of valeology; Colorimetry and color grading in modern filmmaking; Color and color solution of screen works; Basics of sound recording and playback; Technology of restoration of audio materials; Equipment of modern minilabs, Digital restoration and reproduction of photographic images; Photographic equipment, Reproduction of photographic images and phonograms.