Advertising and Public Relations

42.03.01 Advertising and public relations 


Qualification: Bachelor’s degree


In the beginning of the 21 century it became essential to implement advertising and PR technologies for effective firm, government institutions and social organizations management.

The University has got its own niche in these educational activities. We give a special emphasis to Cinematography, Television, Show Business and social organizations as there is a great need in specialists of this kind.

The curriculum of this area of study provides learning of  two foreign languages, comprehensive and special disciplines such as Rhetoric, Culture of Speech, Actor’s Workshop, Psychology of Mass Communication, Public Relations: theory and practice courses, Mass communications and Media Planning, etc.

Students do practical training during their study in advertising and publishing agencies, Saint-Petersburg mass media editorial offices, Saint-Petersburg large companies’ marketing departments.




Curriculum Disciplines for  42.03.01 Advertising and public relations 

Basic Subjects: Sociology of Mass Communications; Psychology of Mass Communications; Basics of Marketing; Basics of Management; Basics of Public Relations; Theory and Practice of Advertising; Theory and Practice of Mass Information; Management of Advertising and PR Departments; Legal Support of Advertising and PR; Foreign Language in Professional Communication; Branding; Press Service; Management of Entrepreneurial Activities in Advertising and PR; Public Opinion Management Technologies; Advertising in Communication Process; Documenting Management; Mass Communications and Media Planning Workshop; Consulting in Advertising and PR; Copyright Law; Communications Management.

Optional Subjects:

-         Strategic Management in Advertising and PR; Rhetoric;

-         Labour Law; Political Advertising;

-         Social Advertising; Art-marketing;

-         Covert Advertising; Computer Design in Advertising and PR

- Private group -