Actor`s Art

52.05.01 Actor`s Art

Curriculum Disciplines for 52.05.01 Actor`s Art

Basic part:

Basic professional foreign language; Philosophy; History; Psychology and Pedagogy; Russian Language and Speech Standards; Sociology; Organization of theatrical works; Fundamentals of Law and copyright; Cultural Studies; Aesthetics; Information systems and technologies, History of Russian Literature; History of World Literature; History of World Theatre; History of World Theatre Directing; History of National Cinematography; History of Foreign Cinematography; History of Music; History of Russian and Foreign Fine Art; History of Drama Theatre Art; Acting; Stage Speech; Stage Movement; Dancing; Fencing (stage battle); Plastic in Drama and TV;Musical Education; Vocal band; Vocal (individual lessons); Make-up; Drama Theater and Film Actor`s Mastery$ Stage Speech in Drama and TV.

Variative part:

Psychology of Creativity, Basics of Screenwriting; Television and Radio Actor`s Mastery.


History of Religions, Mythology, Theatre Business Abroad; Fundamentals of Producing; An analysis of the Play and the Performance, Analysis of the Film; Fundamentals TV Film Directing, The Basics of Directing a Feature Film.