Film Study

55.05.05  Film Study





Film Study is a science about the film. Main students’ activities during their educational process are research of theory and history of film, film analysis, editorial work.

Teachers of the Film Study workshops are famous Historians, Film Theorists and Film Critics, including Oleg Kovalov, Doctor of Art History; Anjelika Artyukh, member of Jury of FIPRESCI International Film Press Federation; Andrey Gusev, Film Observer.

Graduates of the Film Study specialization could perform scientific and professional activities in the following areas: Film History and Theory, Television and other Screen Arts, Film Criticism, Editorial Work in Cinematography and Television.

Specialists are involved into work at Film-, Video-, TV studios, Regulatory Bodies of Culture, Art Departments of Newspapers, Magazines, Publishing Houses, Educational Institutions practicing disciplines related to History, Theory and present-day Film Experience; and they also take part in film festivals and film centres activities.

Curriculum Disciplines for  Film Study Specialization

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Disciplines

Foreign Language; History; Philosophy; Study of Culture;  Science of Law; Aesthetics; Basis of Pedagogy; History of Religions; Economics; Copyrights; Stylistics of Russian Language.

History and Theory of World Artistic Culture Disciplines:

History of Russian and Foreign Theatre; History of Russian Literature; History of Foreign Literature; History of Russian and Foreign Fine Arts; Music Theory and History; Basis of Cinematography Art (Basis of Film Dramaturgy; Basis of Film Directing; Basis of Film Sound Solutions; Basis of Film Graphic Solutions); Film Production; Theory of Literature; Philosophy of Art.

Specialization Disciplines

Film Study Programme Unit (Introduction to Film Study; History of National Cinematography; History of Foreign Cinematography; Theory of Film; Non-Fiction Film History and Theory; Film Critic’s Art; Animation History and Theory; Archiving; Screen Art Psychology);

Creative and Production Training Programme Unit (Screen Script and Film Editing; Editor-Manager of Non-Fiction Film, Television and Distribution; Audio-Visual Technologies; Film Research; Video Workshop; Image Composition and Editing; Literary Editing and Publishing);

Pedagogical Training Programme Unit (Film Pedagogy and Media Education; Film Education Methods and Technologies, Psychology and Pedagogy; Experimental Cinematography)

Electives: Film Structure; Film Analysis; Auteur Cinematography; Genre Cinematography; Present-day National Cinematography Workshop.