Sound Production of Audio-visual Arts

55.05.02 Sound production of audio-visual arts (Specialist)






Students of this specialization obtain knowledge and skills to develop and create Film-, Tele-, Video- or Multimedia works in cooperation with Production Director, Composer and Sound Performers.

The specialization training is organized at the Audio Engineering Department. And famous people are involved into educational process like remarkable Sound Producers, Honored Art Workers of Russia; Aliakper Gasan-zade, Laureate of NIKA Award and Laureate of State Prize RF, and Vladimir Persov, Laureate of NIKA Award, Elena Sladovskaya, Yury Kubitsky, Viktor Dinov and other.

Students study Film Audio Engineering and Musical Sound Design. They have their training practice at Film and TV studios including RWS, the VEK Studio, the Melnitsa Studio, the Saint-Petersburg Documentary Film Studio, and also TV studios: the VGTRK Russia, the GTRK Petersburt – 5th Channel, the 100TV Channel and so on, and different concert venues like the Mariinsky Theatre, the BKZ Oktyabrsky and others.

Forms of study are also updating, and in 2009 the production platform – the VEK Studio (Base Department) was joined to the University Department in order to combine educational process and actual production and develop professional skills and abilities.

Students of the Department participate constantly in various festivals presenting their creative works in the PiterKit University Film Festival as well as in prestigious international festivals. They are also members of joint international projects where different Film Schools of the world take part in from France, Spain, Finland, the USA, etc.

Some of students who graduated recently from the Department became distinguishing specialists: Kirill Vasilenko, Sound Producer of films like the 9th Regiment, Inhabitant Island, Kray; Mikhail Nikolaev, Sound Producer of films like the Cargo 200, the Kochegar, the Crime and Punishment serials.

Curriculum Disciplines for the 55.05.02 Sound production of audio-visual arts

Humanitarian, Social and Economic Disciplines

Foreign Language; Business Communication Course; History; Philosophy; Study of Culture; Science of Law and Basis of Copyright; Russian Language and Speech Standards; Economics;  Basis of Pedagogy; Psychology of Perception of Audio-Visual Art Works; Aesthetics; Social Psychology

History and Theory of World Artistic Culture Disciplines:

History of National Cinematography; History of Foreign Cinematography; History of Theatre; History of Russian Literature; History of Foreign Literature; History of Russian Fine Arts; History of Foreign Fine Arts; History of Television; Music Theory and History; Theory of Cinematography; History of Sound Recording; Philosophy of Art; Film Music History and Theory; History of Artifacts; Basis of Cinematography Art (Film Dramaturgy; Camerawork Art; Basis of Editing Theory and Practice.

Electives: Audio-Visual Film Analysis; Film Production.

Specialization Disciplines:

Basis of Audio Engineering of Audio-Visual Arts; Audio Engineering of Audio-Visual Arts; Acoustics (Basis of Acoustics; Electro Acoustics; Architectural Acoustics; Musical Acoustics); Audio Equipment; Present-day Audio Technologies; Basic Physics of Audio Electronics (Basic Physics of Sounds and Electronics; Basis of Audio Electronics); Audio Engineer’s Interaction with Actors; Direct Recording Production Technology; Postsynchronizing Technology (Technological Basis of Postsynchronizing; Work of Audio Engineer in Postsynchronizing); Editing Technology of Soundtracks (Technical Basis of Soundtracks; Creative Aspects of Soundtracks); Film Rerecording Technology (Technical Aspects of Film Rerecording; Creative Aspects of Film Rerecording); Theory of Audio-Visual Image (Basis of Film Directing); Acoustic Analysis; Speech Standards; Music Phonography Art; Workstations for Audio; Acoustic Design Technology and Practice; Audio Engineering Music Recording for Audio-Visual Arts; Aesthetic of Film-Phonography; Analysis of Music Scores and Instruments.

Electives: Work with Film Music Scores; Work with TV Programmes Music Scores.