Instrument Engineering

12.03.01  Instrument engineering


Certification and Maintenance of Film and Technological  Complexes




Maintenance and operation of film technological complexes is a prospective area requiring the experts to solve a wide range of engineering, creative and entrepreneurial issues. You could obtain present-day knowledge and skills that would give you a start for your career in the thriving film industry.

Coming to the cinema we get a lasting impression not only from the film but from image and sound of the highest quality. The 3D, multi-channel sound DOLBY - all these engineering achievements took their origin from Cinematography.

Cinema for an audience is a place for communication, watching and discussing the film. Cinema for a specialist is a complex technical system which should ensure invariably high parameters of reliability and quality of work daily, monthly and yearly. The number of cinemas in Russia and worldwide increases and so does the need for specialists in the field of project engineering and cinema maintenance.

When the cinema is designed, the specialist should choose  test-certified equipment and draw up a project of equipment mounting into a single technological complex. After the cinema has been set in operation, the maintenance specialist’s ultimate goal is to provide ongoing functioning of the cinema for visitors.

All modern cinemas are designed and constructed with digital technology installation. Motion picture projector with a moving image film was replaced by a powerful computer server with optoelectronic unit which creates image and sound out of a digital file. So the specialist on Certification and Maintenance of Equipment in cinema should be a specialist in Computer Technologies field as well. The study of the latest modern technologies is considered to be the basis of training in the field of Instrument Engineering, Standardization, Technical Regulation, Design Solutions Examination and Business Models in cinema activity.

These areas of study mentioned above give a chance to specialists to work successfully in Cinematography as well as in other areas with applied multimedia technologies for light, sound and images.


Graduates obtain professional competence and work:

- Systems and technologies design and development for Cinematography and Business Models of multimedia centers;

- Technical regulation in Cinematography: standardization, audience measurement and certification of film means and technologies;

- Methods and means development of expert qualimetry for subjective assessment of image quality and a wide spectrum of multimedia services;

- Maintenance and operation  of film and concert complexes;

- Maintenance, reliability evaluation of Cinematography devices;

- Scientific and applied multimedia equipment research.


Cinematography: ● the Lenfilm Studio  ●the Nevafilm Film Company ● the Gosfilmofond RF ● the Ministry of Defence RF Film Studio

Television: the Petersburg - 5th TV Channel Television Company  www.5‑ ●  the 100TV Channel

Equipment Manufacturing: the OJSC LOMO

Design and Construction of TV, Film and Multimedia Complexes: the ASCREEN Company ● the Krisberg Company


Curriculum Disciplines for 12.03.01  Instrument engineering

Basic Subjects: Physical Basis of Information Acquisition; Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics; Applied Mechanics; Material Science and Construction  Materials Engineering; Electric Engineering; Electronics and Microprocessor Technology; Audience Measurement, Standardization and Certification; Basis of Automatic Control; Basis of Equipment and System Design; Computer Technologies in Instrument Engineering.

Optional Subjects:  Basis of Compatibility; Instrument Engineering Technology; Basics of Photography and Photographic Equipment; Multimedia Equipment; Information and Measuring Systems and Technologies; Design and 3D Modeling of Devices, Professional Basics; Recording and Playback of 3D Images.

Specialization Disciplines:

Visual Information Processing Systems:

Computer Aided Design Systems of Processing; Qualitative Technologies in Media Industry; Technology and Equipment of Film Complexes; Maintenance and Operation of Film Complexes.

Electives: Technological Provision of Devices Quality and Reliability; Image and Sound Qualimetry; Applied Metrology; Multimedia Equipment Reliability; Innovative Technology of Multimedia Equipment; Digital Image Processing; Certification in Media Industry; System Analysis and Technical Regulation; Innovation Management in Media Industry; Innovative projects in Media Industry.

Certification and Maintenance of Film and Technological  Complexes

Transfer Mechanisms and Drives of Data Storage Devices; Digital Film Production Technology; Film and Digital Filming Equipment; Film and Digital Film Projecting Equipment.

Electives: Video Equipment; Image and Sound Qualimetry; Multimedia Equipment Mechatronic Devices; Digital Film Show Equipment; Sound Engineering; Digital Image Processing; Acoustic Devices and Systems; Auxiliary Cameraman’s Equipment for Filming; Scenic Mechanisms and Systems; Methods and Systems of Film Image Digitization.