38.03.02  Management



Human Resource Management                                                 

TV and Radio Companies Administration


Bachelor’s Degree

Financial Management at Enterprise


Film Business Management


The course of Management is committed to offering students Regularity of Market Economies Operation; Legislative Acts Regulating Productive, Economical and Financial Activity of Enterprise; Foundations of Making Managerial Decisions and its Realization; Domestic and Foreign Experience in Management; Present-day Methods of Business Planning; Basis of Labor Sociology and Psychology; Standards of Accounting. Graduates choose one of the specialization they should complete in order to be deeper prepared for certain career path.

Human Resource Management Specialization

It forms reference regarding hiring, training and personnel development, as well as assessment and analysis of institution labor potential.

TV and Radio Companies Administration Specialization

We endeavor to help our students to become life-long learners and Leaders for TV and radio companies. This study provides a suitable education for a career in the business world and media industry. Students learn economic basis of media, obtain useful knowledge for more advanced studies to know specific features of market development at TV and radio environment; acquire abilities of estimating influence of macroeconomic circumstances upon TV and radio companies’ functioning and government body interaction. They learn to analyze media market to make rational managerial decisions.

Financial Management at Enterprise Specialization

It is designed to offer students an appreciation of business and economic problems particularly in the area of finance. The professional and applied nature of the program is based on development competence of a graduate in financial resource management of enterprise; investment activity, financial modeling, functioning of banking system, interaction of variety financial structures, institutions and enterprises in media industry.

Film Business Management Specialization

A principal aim of the program in the Film Business Management is to assist the transition of students from academic studies to a professional career by improving the integration of theory and practice. The program is designed to give students a sound professional management education with a focus on a specific audiovisual  sector. Disciplines have been grouped in major topical areas which are related to various professional interests and allow Bachelors to understand a model of functioning film market; explore mechanism of development of business processes in film production, distribution and film show; learn to make a managerial decision when choosing alternative of solutions about investment of capital in film business and also, manage risks into the system of Producing Management.

Students undergo training courses at companies of culture, film and TV industry, and media centers,  in executive and legislative bodies.

Regular companies for training courses are the Oktyabrskiy Concert Hall, the Nevafilm Ltd, the OJSC Rostelecom, the TV&Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) Saint-Petersbug, the 100 TV TRK, the VTB 25 Bank JSCo, the OJSC Avtoshtad-Neva, the OJSC Orimi Trade, the OJSC Sberbank Russia,  and film companies such as the STV, the Nonstop Production, the Twin Media, the Pultex, the Nikola Film, the 5th Channel TRK, the Russia-Sankt-Petersburg TRK, the1st Channel St-Petersburg TRK.


Curriculum Disciplines for 38.03.02  Management

Basic subjects: Theory of Management; History of Management Mind; Organization Theory; Organizational Behavior; Marketing; Accounting and Analysis; Fiscal Accounting; Financial Management; Human Resource Management; Strategically Management; Corporate Social Responsibility; Change Management; Financial Markets and Institutes; Business Planning.

Optional subjects: Economy and Organization of Production; Basis of Foreign –Economic Affairs; Logistics; Forecasting Activity; Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Industrial Management in Cinematography; Innovative Management.

Specialization Disciplines:

Human Resource Management: Conflict Management; Management of Social Development Organization; Organizational Culture; Labor Law; Crisis Management; Business Communication; Quality Management.

TV and Radio Companies Administration: Basis of Copy Right; Management of Social Development Organization; TV-production Marketing; Producing of TV programs; Crisis Management; Advertizing; Basis of Economic Security of TV and Radio broadcasting enterprises.

Financial Management at Enterprise: Currency, Lending, Banks; Cost Management; Capital Investment Economic Evaluation; Economy of Business Firm; Financial Market; Basis of Budgeting; International Currency and Credit Relations

Film Business Management: Economy of Audiovisual Sphere; Government Regulation of Film Industry Market; Risk Assessment and Analysis; Techno-economic Analysis of Business Activity in SCS; Economic Evaluation of Capital Investment; Basis of Producing Business; Cost Management at SCS Enterprise.

ELECTIVES: Business Study; Tax Assessment; Management of Regional Economy; Basis of Stock-Exchange Activity; Administrative Law; Present-day PR; Public-Municipal Management; Value Analysis; Commercial Pricing; Business Evaluation; Banking Activity of Enterprises; Analysis and Forecast of Market; Economy of Film and Television; Analysis of Producing Activity Results; Documenting of Management Activity; Insurance Industry.


38.04.02  Management



Management in Culture and Telecommunications Sphere

Master’s Degree

Curriculum Disciplines for 38.04.02  Management

Basic subjects: Managerial Economy; Investigation Methods in Management; Present-day Strategic Analysis; Corporate Finance; Theory of Organization and Organizational Behavior.

Optional subjects: Management in Social Sphere; Tax System of the Russian Federation; Economy and Organization of Social Project Planning in the Field of Culture; Management of Personnel Development.

ELECTIVES: Service Implementation Management; Analysis of Business Activity of Film Studios and Cinema Theatres; Information Systems of Accounting; Accounting at Social Sphere Enterprises; Risk Management; International Marketing; Private and Public Sector; Team Management; Peculiarities of Russian Film and TV Industry; Communication Skills of Manager.