55.05.04 Producing 



Producer of Film and Television

Line Producer

Producer of TV and Radio Programmes


The producer is:

• the creator - he comes up with

• the organizer - he does

• the entrepreneur - he sells

We teach students who love to watch movies, TV, cartoons, computer games, exclusively in practice in a team with directors, cameramen, sound producers, actors, film and TV artists.

Producing for you if:

• You are sociable

• You have a lot of ideas for movies, TV, the Internet

• You are not afraid to lead people

The producer is the manager of the process of creating and implementing a movie or television program. He creates a project for the future film, program, evaluates its artistic and commercial potential, develops a film production strategy, selects the director and other creative workers. The producer finances the film making process and ultimately owns it, receiving revenue from the sale.

A producer is a person who can manage money. He solves two problems: the search for funds and their effective use. He must be a good economist, organizer and, at the same time, possess certain creative skills. In modern film industry, this is the person on whom the success of the film depends.

A producer is a person who takes responsibility for all the creative, financial and organizational processes during film or television production. It is impossible to do this without a constant dialogue - first with the author, then with the director, with the editor, with the distributor. The producer is the only participant in the film process who leads the picture to the end, from the first day of the appearance of ideas on paper to the release on the screen.

The producer of film and television is, first of all, a conceptualist, he is looking for an interesting topic for a movie or television series, evaluates its relevance from viewers, is looking for finances for its implementation, organizes production, advertising campaign and sells the finished product. He organizes his own production company, makes a film and receives income from film distribution, sales of films on video carriers, sales to television. During the course, students receive the necessary knowledge of: The basics of producing; Producing documentaries and popular science films; Producing fiction films; Producing television series; Producing animated films and TV shows. A feature of the film and television producer is creative thinking. Our students learn to invent films by studying: Film dramaturgy; Fiction and documentary genres; TV series formats; Formats and genres of animated films and serials.

Line producer specializes in work related to the organization of the production of films and television films. He is looking for the location of filming, organizes filming, agrees with specialized organizations on editing, sounding, creating computer graphics. He also controls the financial flow of the film’s budget. That is why, in addition to producing, our students - future linear producers are studying: Conflict management and the negotiation process in producing; Financial modeling and budgeting in production; Project management strategy in the film and television industry; Logistics in the film and television industry; Risk management in filmmaking; Intangible asset management.

A television and radio programmes producer specializes in creating content for television and radio. He is also fully prepared to lead the television and radio channels. During the course, students will receive the necessary knowledge of: The basics of producing; Producing television programs; TV program formats; Producing and TV serial formats; Producing animated films and serials; Radio production; TV market forecasting and television broadcasting grid programming; Procurement and outsourcing of television content. Creative meetings and master classes with famous figures of cinematography and television of Russia and the world are regularly held for students. These are actors R. Hauer (USA), D. Pevtsov and others, directors A. Sokurov, F. Bondarchuk, A. Kravchuk and others, producers A. Rodniansky, A. Tsekalo and others.

The department of film and television producing has a close relationship with all cinema - and television enterprises of St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. Our students practice at these enterprises: • film studios: Lenfilm, St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio, etc., • production centers: Gamma Production, Triix Media, Russian Film Group Corporation, Star Media; • International film festival of short films, animated films and documentaries “Message to Man”, etc .; • TV companies: Channel 5, St. Petersburg, 78, etc.

Our students attend all film exhibitions, film festivals and film weeks in St. Petersburg and other cities (Moscow International Film Festival, Kinotavr in Sochi, Berlin International Film Festival, etc.).

Our University has its own film festival - PiterKiT. We signed agreements on student exchange and student mobility with universities from: Kazakhstan, Finland, France, China, South Korea, etc.

Our producers students make their films together with students from these countries in Russia and abroad. The list of positions held by graduates - producers is quite wide - they are producers of all specializations, administrative workers, editors, specialists in the field of project promotion.

Curriculum Disciplines for 55.05.04  Producing

Basic part:

History; Philosophy; Basic professional foreign language; Foreign language in the professional field; Second foreign language; Cultural studies; Psychology; Sociology; Russian language and culture of speech; Jurisprudence; Economic fundamentals; Basics of the state cultural policy of the Russian Federation; History of religion; History of Russian literature; History of foreign literature; The history of modern foreign literature; The history of modern domestic literature; History of Russian and foreign art; History of audiovisual art; The history of domestic cinema; The history of foreign cinema; History of television (broadcasting); History of film and television production; Mathematics and computer science; Culture statistics; Movie and Television Producer Skills, Line Producer Skills: Basics of Producer, Production of Documentary and Science-Popular Films, Producing of feature films, Producing of television series, Producing of animation projects; TV and Radio Producer Skills: Basics of Producer, TV Producer Production, TV Series Producer, Animation Project Producing; Copyright law, legal relations and workflow in production; Business planning of audio-visual projects; Accounting and taxation in film and television production; Marketing, public relations and advertising in production; Personnel Management; Fundamentals of theory, practice and art of management; Film directing; Cameraman's skill; Mastery of the film artist; Sound film solution; Film actor; Theory and practice of editing; Directing multimedia; Dramaturgy; Film screening; Movie genres; TV series formats; Formats and genres of animated films; Planning and organization of production of audiovisual products; Administration of the set; Organization of special types of filming; Organization of expeditionary surveys; Post Production; Technique and technology of film and television; Organization and management in the system of promotion of audiovisual products; Music in the cinema; Economics of the audiovisual sphere; Foreign film business and co-production; Work on a staging project; Fundamentals of distribution and cinema activities; Film festival activities; Information technology in management. Purchase and outsourcing television content; Organization of the production of television programs of various genres; Foreign telebusiness.

Variative part: Introduction to the specialty; Analysis of the modern film; Organizational behavior in production; Producing radio programs; TV production; Producing movies.
Electives: Finance and management accounting in production, Cost management in production; Analysis and forecasting of film and television markets, Analysis of the results of producer activity; Computer graphics in movies and on television; Producing customized content; TV market forecasting and programming of the television broadcasting grid, Analysis of the results of producer activity.