State and Municipal Administration

38.03.04 State and municipal administration

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree

Civil Society development in the present day Russia coupled  with its essential component – Municipal Administration – demand  a new approach to administrative resources training.

Together with knowledge required for administrative activities such as individual and common activities planning, team management and environmental activities coordination, research and diagnostics of socio-economic issues, students study Theory of Communication, Psychology and Sociology of Mass Communication, Regional Organization of Population. All these allow specialists-to-be to deal with issues of social communication, work with people and get to know all aspects of state service.

According to state educational standards, Bachelors’ professional sphere is citizens’ activities at civil posts of Russian Federation, municiple administration, at administrative posts, state and municiple enterprises, scientific research and educational institutions, in political parties, in public and political non-commercial organisations.

Also, having been trained in a wide range of disciplines and having versatile practical skills, graduates can apply their professional competence in Management of different branches of economy.

Student practical training is an essential component of their study. Effective practical training offers a good chance to be employed in future. Students specializing in the State and Municipal Administration take their pre-graduation internship in executive authorities’ offices, municipal and state institutions of Saint-Petersburg.

The University has concluded agreements with authorities and institutions on holding student practical training. These are  Saint-Petersburg Legislative Agency, Physical Culture and Sport Commitee, Saint-Petersburg Tariff Committee, Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organisations Committee, Culture Committee’s Press Service, Saint-Petersburg Regional Administrations, Saint-Petersburg State University’s Industrial Investment State Agency, Saint-Petersburg State University’s  Central State Archive of Petersburg Film and Photo Documents, Court of Arbitration of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Public Council of Saint-Petersburg, Inter-District Office of Federal Tax Service #27, Federal Tax Service’s Training Personnel Centre in Russia, Saint-Petersburg, North-West Directorate for Internal Affairs in Transport RF.


Curriculum Disciplines for  38.03.04 State and municipal administration

Basic Subjects: Theory of Administration; Basics of State and Municipal Administration; State and Municipal service; Administrative Law; Civil law; Constitutional law; Forecast and Planning; Ethics of State and Municipal Service; Basics of Personnel Management; Social Psychology; History of State Administration; Business Communications; Adoption and Execution of State Decrees; Labour Law; Basics of Record Management; State Authority in Communicative Space; State and Municipal Orders Administration; PR in Authorities; Ecological Law; Taxes and Tax Administration; Regional Administration and Territorial Planning; Innovative Management; Sociology of Administration; Project Management; Territorial Marketing; Management Counseling; Planning and Projecting in Organizations; Municipal Law; State and Municipal Finances; Research of Socio-Economic and Political Processes; State Financial Control.

Optional Subjects:

-         State Film and Television Industry Management; Conflicts and State Service Management;

-         Labour Market State Regulation; Counteraction to Corruption;

-         Social Insurance; Small and Medium-sized Business State Regulation;

-         State Innovations Management; Foreign Economic Activity;

-         Management of Culture; Social State Policy;

-         Investment Strategies; Personnel Policy and State Service.