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The Faculty of Management  and Media Communications was established in 1991 to educate future business professionals focused on managing business performance in social and cultural sphere.

Reasons why you should study at our Faculty:

-         High competitiveness of graduates at the labor market.  It is provided by theoretical and practical courses, and they meet all the requirement of the state standards. Leading scientists are working here as well as practitioners: economists, managers, chief accountants, auditors, producers.

-         Innovative education in scientific and creative environment. Students’ personal fulfillment can be reached in scientific and creative activities, participation in film festivals, conferences, mind sports, and research contests.  There are regular creative meetings and workshops with famous and successful businessmen, producers, directors, and actors. Within the faculty there is a research school called the Development Management in Social and Cultural Spheres headed by Professor A.D.Evmenov who is Rector of the University of Film and Television and the founder of the Institute of Economics and Management. This school was entered on the register of leading research schools of Saint-Petersburg according to the Saint-Petersburg Government decision. Further, the University of Film and Television is the leading Educational Institution of Ministry of Culture on economics and management issues in the Culture and Cinematography spheres.

-         Unique Set of Programs of International Cooperation. The programs are designed for students to undergo training and work on probation at foreign educational institutions, and to participate in Film Festivals and Conferences abroad. Also the University welcomes foreign specialists to hold regularly their workshops.


Within a wide spectrum of the international cooperative programs there is the International Forum for producers-newcomers, where guests from Hollywood participate as well. We have already had the following guests in the Forum: Rutger Hauer - a producer, director, actor, and he was recognized as the best actor of the XXth century in his country, the Netherlands; John Truby - a scriptwriter (over 100 scripts), the author of the Anatomy of Story book; Eric Allard - a producer, special effects specialist: (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix Reloaded, Mission: Impossible); Tim Judge - a producer of Al Pacino.


The Generation Campus Program is another international educational program at the University hold on a regular basis. And  A. Sokurov performs workshops under this program. Alby James, who renowned as a head of a Screenwriting Workshop of the largest European leading festivals – Berlin International Film Festival and Moscow International Film Festival, was the most famous participant of this program.


We share all the best about global modern Cinematography and Media Industry with our students.