The workshop of Werner Herzog was held in the University concert hall

27 September 2016

In 2016, St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television become of one of the platforms of the International Film Festival "Message to Man". In the concert hall of the University the debut of documentary film makers forum of CIS countries "DokForum" was held as well as a workshop  of cult director Werner Herzog.

In the frameworks of the Year of the Russian cinema , The St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television in cooperation with the International Film Festival documentary, short and animated films "Message to Man" organized a special screening of the docudrama part of the festival program, a great collection of movies from different regions of the country and from abroad was presented at the International Forum of documentary cinematographers of CIS "DokForum".




After the screening there was an event that caused a stir among the city intellectuals and the media. There the workshop of worldwide star, the eminent German director and screenwriter Werner Herzog was held within the walls of the University.


Werner Herzog  is the creator of the incredible movies, and his bizarre behavior on the shooting area and unusual views on the cinema became a legend long time ago. It was Werner Herzog became the headliner of the opening ceremony of the "Message to Man" in the Palace Square this year.

- I like to be among young people, and today, thanks to the Internet and the availability of my films, surprisingly the boys 12-15 years old, who are watching my work are began to get in touch with me. The film is about the internet, which I showed at the festival, it has attracted a younger audience. But for young people, of course I`m an alien, - told us the Werner Herzog. - I would advise to young filmmakers to develop their own vision and learn to be courage for holding this vision.