Based on the results of monitoring 2017 all activities of St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television were recognized as effective

3 July 2017

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has summed up the results of the annual monitoring of the effectiveness of educational institutions of higher education. Our University has fully confirmed its effective activity: all indicators exceed the thresholds.

In the monitoring of efficiency in 2017, 770 state, non-state, municipal and regional educational organizations of higher education and 691 branches of educational organizations of higher education took part. The work of universities was evaluated on such index as "Educational Activity", "Research Activity", "International Activity", "Financial and Economic Activity", "Wages of the teaching staff", "Employment", "Additional indicator of educational Organizations ".


The threshold values of the remaining monitoring indicators were set at the level of 2016 values.

According to the detailed analytical information published in the information and telecommunication network Internet on the official portal of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, as well as on a special portal, all seven performance indicators of our University exceed the thresholds.


Department of Information and Public Relations