The "Fourth St. Petersburg Ball on Wheels" was held in St. Petersburg with the support of the University

24 May 2017

The grand opening of the "Fourth Saint-Petersburg Ball on Wheels" took place in the Summer Garden. In the evening, children with special needs became participants of a grand holiday in the restaurant "Amrots". Representatives of the University of Film and Television have traditionally taken an active part in organizing and conducting this large-scale and unusual event.

The "Ball on Wheels" takes a special place among the joint events of the St. Petersburg State University  of Film and Television and the Association of disabled people "Arevik".

The ball began in the Summer Garden, where children with special needs accompanied by volunteers and cadets of the Suvorov Military School, following the ensemble of drummers, took part in the solemn parade. Girls and boys in wheelchairs were dressed in smart suits, and it was noticeable that during the preparation for the celebration the guys and their parents thought over every detail.

Honored Artist of Russia, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Anastasia Melnikova, addressed the guests and participants of the ball:
- I am very grateful to you that you, such bright and happy, make this world better! In turn, we, adults, live for you and try to make your life more beautiful and comfortable. Thank you for your sensitivity, kindness and courage. I cordially congratulate you on this wonderful holiday. You walked along the Summer Garden avenue accompanied by amazing guys, I want such good people to be always near you.



When the ball was officially opened, the children in the carriages danced the waltz with fans to the music of Strauss, then headed for the fountain, near which white doves were launched into the sky. The children became participants of the excursion to the Summer Garden, which the students of the University conducted under the professional guidance of the representatives of the Russian Museum. In the evening, the event changed location and moved to the restaurant "Amrots", where the ball continued under the lively accompaniment of the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra. The ball was traditionally opened by the rector of our University, professor Alexander Evmenov and the founder of the "Arevik" public organization Alyona Atanesyan.



On one stage of the large hall were children's groups dancing in wheelchairs, and artists of the Mikhailovsky and Mariinsky theaters. The ball was also attended by Honored Artist of Russia Yuri Znamensky and participant of the show "The Voice" Nina Vedenina-Meerson.


At the event there were many students who happily communicated with children and tried to do everything possible to make the holiday memorable for a long time. The volunteer organizers helped guests and participants to attend all the events of the ball and not get lost. Volunteer boys along with cadets of the Khrulyov Military Academy of Material and Technical Logistics helped to carry the wheelchairs. The girls were partners in the dance program of the ball.

The culmination of the evening was the traditional launch of balls into the sky, as a symbol of new hopes, achievements and victories!





Text: Anastasia Panina

Photo: Department of Information and Public Relations,

Sofia Feigelman,Nicole Antonova