Our students attended the International Volunteer Forum

12 December 2018

From December 2 to December 6, the International Volunteer Forum was held in Moscow. More than 15,000 volunteers have become participants of the Forum, who for many years have unselfishly benefited people. At one time, people met at the Moscow sites, united by one thought - in order to make the world a better place, we must start with ourselves and help others. In the St. Petersburg delegation there were 13 guys from St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television

2018 by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation  declared the Year of the Volunteer. Thus, the closing month of the year is marked by a thematic International Forum. December 5th is World Volunteer Day - and our University has extensive experience in this area. There are 8 student projects under the auspices of the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television. Students take part in the activities of the university and the city, go to children's rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

At the Forum, our students took part in a rich cultural program, which included master classes, the exchange of experience with volunteers from other cities and regions of Russia, as well as a large concert with the participation of domestic stars. As Dina Sdykhova, a second-year student, told, she liked the practical exercises and useful contacts:

- We did not just go to the Forum. Thanks to this trip, we saw the scale of volunteering in Russia. To do good is unreal cool!

Volunteering originated in Russia two centuries ago. Then the first Zemstvo doctors appeared who helped the peasants. Today it is work with homeless people, veterans, citizens with special needs, help to environmentalists, zoodefenders and many others.

Kirill Tikhonov, a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Multimedia Technologies and Photography, takes photos and videos on charity projects, is the founder of WS Production. He told us why it is so important to help:

- I believe that charity is not only a cash investment somewhere. You can transfer knowledge and skills, teach skills. I love helping people, seeing the result of their work and sharing what I can do - everyone can try to do the same, it brings people very close!

Yulia Kolesnikova, a 3-year student of the Faculty of Management and Media Communications, the chief editor of the faculty magazine LOOK and an activist of all the activities related to our University, shared her impressions of the big concert that was held as part of the Forum:

- The concert was dedicated to the Day of Volunteering, this is an actual problem for the modern world, because without such people the world will not be better. It's nice that in our country it is given great importance. Many famous people talked about the importance of this. The concert was attended not only by citizens of our vast country, but also by representatives from almost a hundred countries of the world.

Doing good is really great! December is the time of miracles and good deeds. Hurry up to make your relatives and friends happy! Small spoiler: December 17 and 18 at the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television will be held the traditional action - New Year's Fair of Good! Join the action or just come to everyone's favorite holiday for sparkling children's eyes!



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