"We understood the thinking of people from different cultures when creating a movie": Anastasia Osintseva about a film project in Brazil

21 October 2019

Students of SPUFT Anastasia Osintseva and Kristina Khabarova visited Brazil, where, as part of the 4th BRICS Film Festival, a special Film Residency program was held for film school students. Two weeks, 16 students from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa joined together in an artistic "residence" (film crew), which was coordinated by two professors from the Fluminense Federal University, UFF. Anastasia Osintseva told us about work in the "residence" and interaction with foreign filmmakers.

Most recently, I was lucky to attend the fourth film festival of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), which took place in Brazil, Niterói. The festival organizers gathered students from relevant universities from each country to participate in the Film Residency program.

The main result of our interaction was to be a film for closing the film festival, but everything turned out to be a little different. Of course, our international team shot a joint project, which was completely successful thanks to the amazing curators and teachers - Caesar and Douglas. The specially developed their method of working with sixteen dissimilar students, which allowed us to visit different places in Brazil, to film and record a lot of interesting material from the life of this country and to understand the principles of thinking of people from different cultures when creating movies.

However, the most important thing in this whole story was interaction. How can you understand a person who speaks an unfamiliar language? It turned out that this is possible (of course, not without the help of English). Despite our differences in almost everything (because of our cultural background), the guys and I managed to make good friends in just two weeks! We talked a lot about life in our countries: freedom, relationships, food, politics, mentality, people, cinema, of course, and many others.

Upon returning home, probably, everyone comprehended their experience gained during the residence. And how pleasant it is to realize that now you can go to India, China, South Africa or return to Brazil and new friends will meet you there!


Anastasia Osintseva,
2 year, 1852, Faculty of Screen Arts, Non-fiction film director