Dear first-year students! The St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television congratulate you on the start of the study year

10 September 2020

Despite a complicated epidemiological situation, the citizens of 54 foreign countries have become full-time students of the University in 2020/21 academic year. Among them, 22 students will study on State scholarships of
the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. In addition to this, a citizen of Kyrgyzstan will study cinematography (area of study 55.05.03) and the costs of his education will be covered by the Russian Federation.

This year we welcome first-year students of the following countries:

  • 18 students of China
  • 10 students of Kazakhstan
  • 5 students of Latvia
  • 3 students of Belarus
  • 3 students of Moldova
  • 2 students of Turkmenistan
  • 2 students of Bulgaria
  • 2 students of Ukraine
  • and the students of Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of North Macedonia, Syria, Tajikistan, Estonia and Uzbekistan.

A first-year postgraduate student of Turkey and a first-year postgraduate student of China will study Art Criticism (area of study 50.06.01).

A pre-University programme Russian as a Foreign Language is an important part of the educational process. The programme allows foreign citizens to learn Russian before they take entrance examinations to the University. in 2020/21 academic year, 27 foreign citizens of the following countries participate in the programme:

  • 17 participants of China
  • 3 participants of Ecuador
  • 2 participants of Algeria
  • 2 participants of Syria
  • and other participants of Iran, Serbia and Switzerland.