Chemical Technology

18.04.01  Chemical Technology


Photographic processes and materials in the media industry


Master’s Degree

Contemporary material technology, including information registration materials such as Photography, Holography, Cinematography, Television, is a fascinating area of creative and engineering activity.

Cinematography and Television are the integral parts in life of every person in modern society.

You can gain professional knowledge in the Contemporary Material Technology area including materials for Cinematography, Holography, image recording and play-back hybrid systems. And you’ll have an opportunity to be a specialist who is in demand in professional labour market nowadays.

This area of study implies intensive training to be able to perform industrial and engineering and\or research activities in Photography, Cinematography and Television as well as in related and operating industries (production of film footage, disks and other analog and digital recording data media); manufacturing protective coatings of different functions: flame-resistant, intumescing, decorative, ecologically pure, etc. for buildings of mass and culture purposes (cinemas, movie halls, film studios), and also for processing and archival storage of traditional analog film and photo materials.

Students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees who have studied in the University are the universal specialists, and they could apply gained knowledge not only in different Chemistry and Chemical Technology production areas. This professional activity also includes abilities to work in forensic laboratory, analytical laboratory, crime laboratory at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Emergency, institutions of further and vocational education, film and photo industry enterprises and straight in the filming process, research and design organizations.

One of the purposes of the Polymer and Composite Materials Department is to train professionals in the innovative materials area for Media Industry technologies, who are able to perform scientific work, to design and operate various film-, radio- and television complexes. Leading specialists in the Contemporary Material Technology area of different functions are involved to educational process, and many of them have graduated from the Polymer and Composite Materials Department.


Graduates obtain professional competence  and work in:

-         Development  of innovative materials of specific functions for data recording including operating in criteria conditions;

-         Application of photographic materials of various functions including film materials and materials for holography as well as for processing and archival storage area;

-         Development of special coatings with picked out functional properties for filming and projecting equipment, and for buildings of mass and culture purposes: studios, cinemas, cultural and entertainment centers, etc.;

-         Scientific and educational research activities in the institutions of professional education.



Production of film and photo materials and associated treatment materials: the SLAVICH Audio-Visual Corporation (ABK-SLAVICH)

Film and photo materials operation: the Gosfilmofond of Russia ● the OJSC PHOTOLUX ● the Copy Center Vosstaniya, 1

Production of special coatings with picked out functional properties: the OJSC POLYCHEM-STROY+  ● the OJSC INMA SPC


Curriculum Disciplines for 18.04.01  Chemical Technology

Basic Subjects: Engineer Graphics;  Applied Mechanics; Electrical Engineering and Industrial  Electronics; General Chemical Technology; Chemical Technology Processes and Process Vessels; Chemical and Technology Processes Simulation; Chemical Reactors; Chemical and Technology Processes Control System.

Optional Subjects: Polymer Chemistry and Physics; Polymer Technology; Photographic Materials Technology; Chemistry and Physics of Data Recording Devices; Photography; Photographic Processes of Information Registration; Technological Basis of Modern Films; Digital Photography Materials and Methods.

Electives: Holography Theory and Practice; Basis of Multimedia Technologies; Digital Processing of Photo-, Film Images; Colour and Screen Works Colour Solutions; Metrology in Filmmaking; Present-day Filmmaking.


Curriculum Disciplines for Master’s Degree Programme

General Academic Disciplines

Basic Subjects: Philosophical Issues of Science and Technology; Economic Analysis and Production Management; Theoretical and Experiment Research Methods in Chemistry; Business Foreign Language.

Electives: Computer Technologies in Science and Education; Complementary Chapters in Chemistry.  


Specialization Disciplines

Basic Subjects: Mass Transfer Process with Solids.

Optional (Specialization) Subjects: Chemistry and Physics of Data Recording Devices; Chemistry and Physics of Holographic Processes; Polymer Recycle Technology; Technology Basis of Present-day Filmmaking; Qualimetry in Filmmaking; Hybrid Processes of Information Registrating.

Electives: Present-day Photo-mini-laboratories; Technology Aspects of Present-day Film Industry; Digital Photography Materials; Present-day Issues of Chemical Technology.