Entrance Examinations

Areas of Study, Specialities


Entrance Examinations

 For applicants on the basis of secondary and professional education

38.03.01  Economics (Bachelor’s degree)

Russian language


Social Studies

38.03.02  Management (Bachelor’s degree)

38.03.04 State and municipal administration (Bachelor’s degree)

42.03.02 Journalism (Bachelor’s degree)

Russian language


Creative (or professional) examinations

42.03.04  Television (Bachelor’s degree)

51.03.02 Folk art culture (Bachelor’s degree)

52.03.06  Dramaturgy (Bachelor’s degree)

54.05.03  Graphics (Specialist)

55.05.01  Directing of cinema features and TV programmes (Specialist), competition by specialization.

Specializations:           Director of fiction film and TV film

Director of non-fiction film and TV film

Director of animation and computer graphics

Director of TV programmes

Director of multimedia

55.05.02 Sound production of audio-visual arts (Specialist)

55.05.03  Cinematographer (Specialist)

Specializations:           Cinematographer

                                 TV Cameraman

55.05.05  Film study (Specialist)

55.05.04  Producing (Specialist)

Russian language


Creative (or professional) examinations

42.03.01 Advertising and public relations (Bachelor’s degree)

Russian language

Social Studies


09.03.02  Information systems and technologies (Bachelor’s degree)

Russian language



11.03.01  Radio Engeneering (Bachelor’s degree) (only for applicants on the basis of secondary education)
11.03.04  Electronics and nano-electronics (Bachelor’s degree)

12.03.01  Instrument engineering (Bachelor’s degree)

 For applicants on the basis of professional education

11.03.01  Radio Engeneering (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree)

Professionally oriented interviewing , Russian language

11.04.01  Radio Engeneering (Master’s degree)

Radio Engeneering

38.04.02  Management (Master’s degree)



According to the results of entrance examinations at the University applicants can enter the Univrsity on the basis of: 
  • secondary (completed) general education received prior to January 1, 2009; 
  • secondary (completed) general education received in foreign educational institutions (valid for 1 year); 
  • foreign sitizens; 
  • persons with limited possibilities, children with disabilities, people with disabilities;
  • professional education.