Application Process

How to apply for your course

Guide to the application process for different types of courses

There are two routes for applying to study at St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television:

  1. If you speak Russian, you can enter the University without special preferences, passing entrance examinations equally with Russian citizens and other foreigners who speak Russian
  1. Choose area of study -  see Our Faculties 2018
  2. Choose mode of study – Full-time, Part-time, Distance learning; find out, which type of degree courses the University offers at the chosen area and the duration of the course – Bachelor`s Degree (4-5 years study), Master`s Degree (2 years study), Specialist (5-6 years study), Post Graduate Study (3-4 years study) - seeTraining Areas 
  3. If you apply for the place with payment of tuition fee -  see The Cost of Training
  4. Apply  during applying period (according to your category)  - see Applying Period 
  5. To get the list of documents - see  List of Documents
  6. To get the list of examinations for your area - see Entrance Examinations
  7. If you enter to the Faculty of Creative Screen Professions or  Producing specialization, see Creative Entrance Examinations

There are two ways of submitting documents:

way 1 - personally, in the Admissions Department

way 2 - send by post

Address: 13, Pravda str, St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Statements in electronic form will not be accepted

 1.To download the electronic form (for printing before applying personally or by post)

  2.  ​If you don`t speak Russian, we offer to study Russian before studyng at the University  during one year at the additional educational program "Russian as a foreign language".

An information about how to apply to the additional educational program "Russian as a foreign language"you can get here.