For applicants

Dear Applicant!

Do you like films? Do you want to know more about the Television Industry? Can you say about yourself that you have originality, creativity and fantasy? Would you like to create smart, beautiful and useful audiovisual products and technologies professionally? Then, you are welcome to us – Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television!

Our University is unique. It was founded more than 100 years ago, and it became the first university in cinematography in Russia. Having started its way from the very beginning of cinematography, we, nowadays, carry on the traditions of great forerunners and go with the times having the latest equipment and software at hand.

Cinematography and Television implies not only Directors and Actors. Representatives of several dozen professions are involved in production of video content of high quality for multiplex up to smart phones. Scriptwriters, Screenwriters and Directors are the creators of theme and imaginative background of a work. Film and TV Cameramen, Sound Engineers and Sound Producers, Light Engineers, Video and Audio Equipment Engineers, Editors, Photographers, Animation and Computer Graphics Artists are ‘magicians’ who mold images and bring them to life. And then excellence performance of Producers, Managers, Market Managers helps to distribute the work in cinemas and television successfully.

You could learn all these interesting, prestigious and perspective professions at our University.  You could obtain higher education in Creative, Technical and Management areas corresponding to all range of modern specializations in Cinematography, Television and Mass Media industries. So, the only thing that you need to decide is to choose that area of study that you really want due to your abilities and wishes.

Do you dream to work with show business and film stars side by side, to walk along the red carpet at the Cannes Festival, to see your name in captions of the film with Oscar reward? Do you want to participate in projecting, building and operating of the Media centre broadcasting the live air image of Olympic Games or Eurovision song contest to hundreds of countries?

You know, even the wildest dreams can come true, if you make the right choice and put it into practice with all your soul. Brush your doubts away, have faith in yourself, and take a step to your dream! We would be glad to help and support you in everything what we can do for you because we can win and have achievements together. It is like to do a good film as you can’t do it alone.

Once you’ve seen this enchanting world of Film and Television from the opposite side of the screen, you won’t be able to forget it, and you would like to stay there forever and this wonderful life becomes yours.