Gradutaes of the University, who participated at the international projects

Andrey Kravchuk director of fiction films (creative workshop of Semyon Aranovich), finished University in 1997, participated at the project with Japanese Company  NHK in 1993 in joint shootings of  film "Youth of the world" as a director.

  Director of  TV serials, fiction films, "The Italian" (2005) - Crystal Bear prize - a special mention - the best feature film at the Berlin Film Festival, the Grand Prix of the German Foundation to help children for the best fiction film, nominated by the Russian for "Oscar" in the nomination "Best Foreign Film "; "Admiral" (2008).Now he continues to work in a big movie - film "Viking" in production. 


Alexandra  Fedina  - graduating student in area of audio-visual technics,  in the 2004 participated at the international project with Denmark. Associate Professor of the University, director of special programs of TV channel "Saint Petersburg", working on the program "Besedka" (pictured – with the anchorpersons of  program "Besedka" and the rector of the University Alexander  Evmenov) 

Gleb Klimov – director of photography,  finished the University in 2007, participated at the Danish project in 2004, worked as the director of photography of fiction films and TV series (at different Film Studios, including Lenfilm and Mosfilm ) "Drug Trafficking" (2011), "Mother-and-stepmother "(2012),        " Streets of Broken Lights -12 "(2012)," State protection - 3 "(2013)," Ice "(in production). (pictured - with the director of the film "Ice" Paul Drozdov, also a graduate of the University) 

Vyacheslav Lozhkovoy - director of photography,  finished the University in 2006, participated at the Danish project in 2004, worked as the second director of photography on films and television series, "Two and the War" (2007), "Secrets of the investigation - 7" (2007), "Hounds-2" (2008), "Highway Patrol - 2" (2008), "Streets of Broken Lights - 9" (2008), "The Word of a Woman" (2008), "Streets of Broken Lights -10" (2009), "Golden Trap" (2010 ). 

Olesya Kireyeva - in 2006 got a Master`s Degree in the University, specialized in the video systems department. Participated at the project with Denmark in 2005, after that she went to work to the studio «Zentropa» (Copenhagen, Denmark), worked as an assistant editor on various films produced by the studio. In 2011, the creative team of the film "Revenge" (2010), dir. Susanne Bier, where  Olesya Kireyeva also worked, was awarded the "Oscar" for best foreign film. Also she worked as a technician of visual effects on the film "Melancholia" (2011), dir. Lars von Trier, 31 award in the world film festivals. At the moment, she founded and directs the firm engaged in post-production and technical support for film projects (Copenhagen, Denmark). 

Arina Okhlopkova graduated the University in 2012 (directed by television), and participated in international projects in the UK, Finland and Germany. Her works were marked at various film festivals - Prize named Dani Gurevich for Best Cinematography for the film "Covenants" at the festival "Message to Man" (2012); Prize "Bronze Hero" competition debut and student films at the XIX International Film Festival of spiritual and moral movie "Golden Knight" for documentary "Mother's Day" (2010). She worked on various documentary projects on  studio Lennauchfilm, Russian Television. Now she works as director of the Russian TV channel  Russian Travel Guide TV. 

Richat Gilmetdinov - director of animation (gradutated the workshop of animation and computer graphics by Konstantin Bronzit and Dmitry Vysotsky), participated in the Danish project in 2007. He is a director and screenwriter of the animated series "Luntik and his friends" (2006-2013) and other animated films. 


Vladimir Smorodin – producer, graduated the University in 2008, participated at the Danish project in 2007. He finished post- graduate courses and  taught at the University (2009-2012). Produces several musical groups - founded the project Pulsar video point - shooting concert video clips, promotional videos, interviews with musicians. 


Timothy Zhalnin - finished the University in 2012 as director of fiction films (workshop of  Sergey Ovcharov), participated in the English-French project TROIKA in 2009. During training directed several works: "The railway romance", "Draft", "Matches" "The Puppet Show", "The Alchemist", "Light sixteen years”. His graduate work  «F5» has won several Russian Awards ("Kinotavr", the prize of jury  in Short film, prize of Guild of Film Critics, 2013) and was selected to take part in  the Short Programme of the 66th International  Cannes Festival. Now he inolved in the shooting of the debut full-length film "Disappearance". 


Kirill Pavlov - animation director, graduated yhe University in 2010 (workshop of  V.D. Efimov). He has participated at the English-Spanish project in 2009. He works as designer,compozer, working in the studio of operational  graphics “KиС”, creates special effects, is engaged in design and editing, creates operational  graphics for TV Channel  “5” and  “100TV”, as well as corporate video and graphics – for example, from the company "Gazprom" - demo video projection on the high-rise building. 

Viola Vorobyova- director of non-fiction film, graduated the University  in 2006 (worcshop of non-fiction film of Victor Semeniuk), participated in the first project with Denmark in 2002, director, screenwriter. Her films: "Valery Plotnikov - portraits in memory" (1997 ), "600 seconds from ..." (2001), "The Living fountain" (2003), "Children's jazz" (2010), "Turnip" (2011). She worked as an assistant director on the TVChannels: "Russia", "Culture", at the studio "Lennauchfilm". She also was engaged in writing scripts for the studio "MasterVideo." Since 2008 - director of the St. Petersburg Documentary Film  Studio. 

Margarita Khaziyeva – director of  TV progmammes, Participated at the Danish project in 2004, works as a journalist in TV channel "NTV" in Moscow. 

Michael Chaliapin – director of photography, graduated the University in 2007, participated at the project with Denmark in 2004, lives and works  in California (USA). 

Svetlana Kenetsius - director of non-fiction film (workshop of V.Gurkalenko and N.Makarova) , graduated the University  in 2006, participated at the project with Denmark in 2005. Directed kids' movie "Koshchey`s kingdom" (2003, a full-length film), works in Riga (Latvia), teaches at the film school.