Academic Mobility

Academic Mobility is an opportunity for students, postgraduates and young scientists to continue education or gain research experience abroad through participation in a short-term educational or research program. Academic Mobility is one of the priorities in international activities for all foreign universities.

The purpose of academic exchange programs is to improve the quality of education, to promote mutual understanding between various nations and cultures, and to train a new generation prepared for life and working in the international informational community.

Academic exchanges are implemented in accordance with the agreements between St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television and partner Universities. This work is realizing by the Department of International Academic Mobility of the International Relations Office of the University.


The Department of International Academic Mobility 


5th floor, the Department of Television, 13, Pravda Street, St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia

phone: +7 (812) 315-70-48

Leading specialist in international relations

Evgenia Grinenko

phone.: +7 (812) 315-70-48
Specialist in international relations
Daria Mikhailova
e-mail: daria.serg.mikhailova[at]gmail[dot]com
phone: +7 (965) 761-41-90