About University

Welcome to St.Petersburg State University of
Film and Television!

Dear Applicant!

Do you like films? Do you want to know more about the Television? Would you like to film movies and launch TV programmes for million people to watch? Can you say about yourself that you have Originality, Creativity and Fantasy? Would you like to create smart, beautiful and useful audiovisual products and technologies professionally? Then, you’re welcome to us – Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television!

Our University is unique. It was founded 100 years ago, and it became the first University in Cinematography in Russia. Having started its way from the very beginning of Cinematography, we, nowadays, carry on the traditions of great forerunners and go with the times having the latest equipment and software at hand.

St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television is the only University in Russia specializes in a wide range of disciplines in the Film-industry, Television, and Mass Media areas. It is a multidisciplinary institution offering degree programmes in the fields of audiovisual engineering, management and screen arts.

With the annual intake of approximately 800 students, the total enrolment of students numbers around 6 000. Depending on the field of study, basic degrees take five to six years to complete and approximately 300 students graduate annually. At postgraduate level, the university enrols approximately 100 students. Postgraduate studies are closely linked with the research carried out at the faculties.

The main building of the University is located  at the centre of St.Petersburg. All the students are provided with dormitory.