List of Documents

  Applicants should submit the following documents:

  •  Passport and its copy;
  •  Original document or/and its copy on education state-recognized of secondary (completed) general education or vocational secondary education (if it has the record about of secondary (completed) general education, or secondary professional education or  higher education);
  •  Four photos 3x4 cm;
  •  Portfolio with creative works for preliminary creative competition (for creative specialities).

Attention! The full list of documents depends on the country in which you received your education. Please send a request to e-mail: intedu.gukit[at]gmail[dot]com


There are two ways of submitting documents:

way 1 - personally, in the Admissions Department

way 2 - to send by post to the following address: 13, Pravda str, St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Statements in electronic form will not be accepted

Admissions Department working days and hours: Monday - Friday 10.00 - 17.00


 To download the electronic form of application for Russian-speaking applicants (for printing)(will be available after June 5,2018)

 To download the application of consent for enrollment (for printing(will be available after June 5,2018)


ATTENTION! The applicants, which have submitted an application of consent for enrollment and handed the original document of education can only be enrolled.
To download the application for withdrawal of documents (will be available after June 5,2018)

To download application for foreign applicants - see Russian as a foreign language

The preliminary medical examination  is not provided for applying to the University