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Faculty of Multimedia Technologies and Photography today

Cinema and television were born as a result of ingenious technical inventions in the field of instrument engineering, electronics, and radio engineering and digital technologies. The progress of technology has given the Internet as a new communication channel. Therefore, in the 21st century we are forming our educational programs for both the cinema, television, and the media industry as integrated creative and technological communication platform.

The ability to share the point of view through the video, voice message, photo spread, info graphics with not only the reader, but also the viewer and the listener is brought up in students through special disciplines embedded in unique curricula in the areas of "Radio Engineering", "Electronics and Nanoelectronics". Radio and electronic devices provide the broadcasting of TV programs through satellite and cable communication channels, and now - and by the Internet for watching a movie or an interactive search for a news video on mobile phone or on a laptop screen.

Image and sound are the components of any media product. It is necessary to know and be able to use professionally the devices for recording and play back of image and sound signals. And the spectrum of these devices - from a mobile phone to a professional film camera and digital cinema projector, creating a three-dimensional image on a huge screen of the cinema. A recording studio, a cinema - these are examples of objects that our graduates design and operate.

To record and play back images, you need light sources, microphones, loudspeakers, and correctly designed and constructed room acoustics to record and play back the sound. Professional specialists in digital technologies for recording and reproducing images, lighting equipment, light scenography, sound, and acoustics are trained in the departments of our faculty.

Today, there is a very high demand for professionals to work with modern photographic and video equipment. The Department of Photography and Folk Art Culture trains specialists who have both deep theoretical knowledge in the field of photography and rich experience in the field of practical work and creativity. The unique direction of the faculty is the training of specialists in the field of restoration of film and photo documents.

Computer graphics and animation is an exciting area of ​​artistic and technical creativity. Our graduates work as production designers, web page designers, animated films and advertising graphics artists, and designers in the social and cultural sphere.

The graduates of the faculty work with the image, sound and light not only for the cinema and television or computer screen, but also in the conditions of the studio, the concert and theatrical platform, the multimedia complex in the museum, the school, the house of culture.

Our international relations allow the student to continue education in friendly foreign institutions, participate in international educational projects, and take part at international film festivals and scientific conferences.

We believe that your talent with our help will be confirmed by knowledge and competence that will make you a successful professional and serve the development of the creative media industry of Russia!