At the business platform of the VII International St. Petersburg Cultural Forum, St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television signed cooperation agreements with partners

17 November 2018

On November 16, at the business platform of the VII International St. Petersburg Cultural Forum, in the Marble Hall of the Russian Museum of Ethnography, cooperation agreements were signed between the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television with foreign partners. At the ceremony, 5 agreements were signed. From the side of the our University, agreement was signed by the Rector, Professor Alexander Dmitrievich Evmenov

In an era of globalization, it is impossible to engage in creativity staying apart from everyone. It was to ensure that students from different cities and countries had the opportunity to communicate, share experiences and knowledge with each other, the University organized the International Student Film Festival "PiterKiT", which takes place for the eighteenth time. It has also become a good tradition to hold a film festival as part of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, the business platform of which provides an opportunity for signing cooperation agreements between our University and foreign partners.

The participants of the signing were: Professor and Representative of the President Petri Raivo of the University of Applied Sciences of Karelia (Joensuu, Finland) Jari Kupiainen; Professor and Director of the School of Art of the University of Paris-1 Pantheon Sorbonne (Paris, France) Marie-Noel Semet; President of the International Film and Television Company Fenye Global and representative of the Hainan Normal University (PRC) Pan Zhen Yi; representative of Canon Inc. Corporation (Japan) in Russia Ilya Nikolaevich Alekseev.

A representative of the President of the University, Professor Jari Kupiainen told a joint project of our students with students of the University of Applied Sciences of Karelia:

“The students of two universities will work in international film crews to create short films in two locations, in two cities: St. Petersburg and Joensuu. Perhaps the result of the work may be not one, but several projects. Therefore, it is really important to study the ways of international cooperation of our students.


The representative of the Hainan Normal University, Pan Zhen Yi, thanked the Rector and the University, and expressed his willingness to work together to strengthen the relationship:

- I am grateful to this city, first of all for the fact that there is such a university here, St. Petersburg University of Film and Television. Our cooperation is mutually beneficial, and I try to do everything for its development and strengthening.


Responding to a question about the signing of an agreement, Marie-Noel Semet, Professor of the University of Paris-1, Pantheon Sorbonne, placed particular emphasis on student exchanges and the opportunity to collaborate and create joint projects:

- We are pleased to conclude an agreement with such a prestigious University as yours. Thanks to our cooperation, incredible opportunities open up for students. The exchange of experience, knowledge and culture, work on joint projects are all very valuable, and we have no doubt that the fruits of our agreement will not keep us waiting.

Ilya Nikolaevich Alekseev, a representative of the Canon Corporation in Russia, spoke about the prospects that are opening up for students after signing a cooperation agreement between our University and Canon Inc.

- Young operators will have the opportunity to use the technology of a company with a worldwide reputation, which in many respects dictates the latest trends in film and photographic equipment. In addition, within the framework of our agreement, an information exchange will be provided that will help beginners to use the equipment in full force. In the end, it is the symbiosis of a quality product and talent that creates bright, unique pictures in the field of film and television.

 - The University highly appreciates the cooperation with its foreign colleagues, - noted Alexander Dmitrievich Evmenov. - I hope that our cooperation will be interesting and fruitful, and after a while we will see the result in the works of our students.

Department of Information and Public Relations