Graduate of St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television received an award in Cannes

1 October 2019

On September 26, the award ceremony of the winners of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards International Festival of Corporate and Television Films took place. The jury noted the "Eye for Windows" film by the graduate of SPUFT in 2019, Alyona Mikhaylina. This film has presented the award in the "Best in Corporate Media and Television of the Year" nomination, category "Student Films". Alena received the main prize in the nomination сalled Silver Dolphin.

"Eye for Windows" is a humorous musical. Based on the confrontation that has existed since the invention of the window: does it blow from it, close or open? An extraordinary approach and high-quality shooting were appreciated by the jury of the CannesCorporate Media & TV Awards International Festival of Corporate and Television Films. The group of festival experts includes winners of the Oscars and Emmys, experts in the field of advertising, PR and marketing. The festival has existed since 2010, the prize of the festival is a dolphin figurine.

Alena told about her impressions of the process of working on the project:

Work on the film gave me a new experience and professional opportunities. We have all the stars formed, and the backbone of the team was three graduates of SPUFT, which provided good support from the university (for which many thanks to it)! An insane desire to do what you want allowing us to infect many people with our idea, including the company "Petersburg Windows" and the studio "Eight and a half". The workflow, in my opinion, was built as correctly as possible. People were ready to work and worked three-night shifts in a row (out of 16 in total) while exchanging positive emotions and achieving excellent results.

Alena admitted that the award is not the main thing when you enjoy your work:

It is pleasant to receive awards, but in fact, happiness is to do what you love, work, communicate on the site, and find new ideas. Rewards are a pleasant bonus and good proof that you have done a quality, interesting, possibly unique work. And also a confirmation of your professionalism, which will allow you to look for new ways. But doing something for the sake of rewards is not the best motivation.

The film crew included students of St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television: actors, designers, animators, sound engineers. Alena managed to assemble a close-knit team, proving that specialists of different cinematic specialities are being trained at our university. Colleagues can be found in any university's department. The master of Alyona Mikhaylina, associate professor of the television department, television journalist and television director Galina Nechaeva says about the film team:

– The director, my graduate, has assembled a huge close-knit team: dozens of professional actors, student actors, including our university. Alena inspired her idea with a composer, cameramen, producer, designers, sound engineer and sound engineers, choreographers, make-up artists, assistants and assistants ... I can’t count all of them. Alyona’s gigantic work that fit in 19 minutes can be appreciated by seeing the final credits. I can congratulate the director and wish her a good journey and good luck in the profession!

Dmitry Fedorov, a student at the acting workshop of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Associate Professor of St. Petersburg State University of Film and Technology Yevgeny Ganelin, spoke about the interesting experience he gained during the filming of the film:

– To be honest, initially, I was not supposed to participate in the project. When it did arise in my life, my schedule changed. I used to go home from school, and then night shifts appeared on the set, it was unusual. I was surprised how difficult it is to shoot a musical; there is a lot of work behind a beautiful picture. There was a friendly, comfortable atmosphere on the site, we were allowed to bring some of our elements into the picture. In such conditions, only a good film can be obtained, which is proved by the award in Cannes.

A significant contribution to the creation of the film was made by the student of SPUFT, producer Elena Golubeva (workshop of Nadezhda Sabelnikova), cameraman Marina Nasekina (workshop of Nikolai Volkov and Sergey Lando), sound engineers Anna Shatova and Valeria Vorobyova (workshop of Marina Sheinman and Vladimir Persova), as well as actors Dmitry Khasanov (workshop of Anna Aleksakhina), Lera Volodko (workshop of Anna Aleksakhina), Dmitry Fedorov (workshop of Evgeny Ganelin) and Vladislav Ivanov (workshop of Evgeny Ganelin). Congratulations to the guys with a victory!


Information Service of SPUFT